The Merry Cemetery

Open-air museum

The famous cemetery from Săpânța is located in the heart of the village, at the parochial church, and it has over eight hundred folk art monuments, which are a real and complex open-air museum. Here, the monuments have a very special appearance and signification.

The Merry Cemetery is the life work of the famous sculptor, painter and folk poet Ion Stan Pătraș, continued by his apprentices.

The particularity of this cemetery lies in its monuments, unusual in other cemeteries. These are crosses, carved in oak wood, painted and versified through incrustation. All of the crosses are painted in a particular shade of blue.

Due to its value and uniqueness in the world, thousands and thousands of visitors from the country and all over the world come to admire the famous cemetery of Săpânța and to meditate upon it.

Through its uniqueness in the world, the Săpânța cemetery lies between the great values of the universal culture, and at the Memorial Symposium, held in the United States of America in 1998, was ranked first in Europe and the second in the world after the Valley of the Kings – Egypt.

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