UNESCO’s wooden churches

If you wish to visit some other wood marvels than those found in Săpânța, you can start with the wooden churches.
True architectural monuments, wooden churches are the best example of the wood craftsmanship and artistic sense of Maramureș. They reflect the important role that religion played for Maramureș people, being the living proof of customs and traditions of hundreds of years ago which are still preserved to this day.

In recognition of the uniqueness and values of the Maramureș craftsmen, eight of the approximately 100 old wooden churches from Maramureș were included in the UNESCO World Heritage.
The eight wood churches from the UNESCO’s heritage can be visited in: Bârsana, Budești, Desești, Ieud, Plopiș, Poienile Izei, Rogoz, Șurdești.

Source: http://www.discover-maramures.com/ro/biserici-patrimoniu-unesco/


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