Striped blanket (“red in the middle”)

280 lei


Blanket with white, grey and red stripes
size (cm): 200*147-150 cm
Material: natural lambskin wool

The price is for the standard size.
The blankets are made manually from 100% natural wool and they are all unique. At the manufacturing of these blankets horizontal looms of more than 50 years old are used.

“Lătuții” (carpets) have a size of 50/150cm and they are suitable for armchairs, chairs or on the floor along the carpet or the bed.
The price for one carpet is 100 lei
Other sizes are available upon request, and the price may vary depending on the width, length, and weight of the blanket.

The blanked is to be washed manually with cold water and a bit of laundry soap, if needed. Do not use bleach or other chemical substances.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 154 cm