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Săpânța village is situated on the right bank of Tisa, next to Valea Tarasului, close to the confluence of Săpânța and Tisa rivers, in the extreme north of Romania, in Maramureș County. The village is situated at about 18 km from Sighetul Marmației.
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Welcome to Săpânța Maramureș*

Welcome to Săpânța, an amazing village from Maramureș… Romanian settlement on the left bank of Tisa, river that establishes the border between Romania and Ukraine, river that separates Romanians on the left from the ones on the right bank on Tisa, because of both sides there are multi-centennial Romanian settlements!

Săpânța is not a common village, precisely because it holds on its territory a rare treasure, hard to value in money or words – CIMITIRUL VESEL (THE MERRY CEMETERY). The Merry Cemetery of Săpânța – globally unique and world value monument, where tomb’s crosses are not only guarding the graves, but they are also explicitly speaking in words. The Merry Cemetery of Săpânța, where the epitaphs, unique in the word, show the richness and originality of the Romanian life philosophy and the Romanian mentality of thinking lively and authentically even about after-life things.

*”Familia română” (Romanian family) magazine – “Săpânța Phenomenon”, Dr. Teodor Ardelean, Prof. Ioana Petreuș

But, Săpânța is not only the Merry Cemetery. It is more than that. You need to be patient and come over here every year and season to be able to realize why it is so special.

I invite you to discover the mysteries of Săpânța!

About Maramureș… “The Old Hearth”*

“Maramureș is a symbol, a quintessence, a sign, a recapitulation under which the Romanian soul is hidden – perhaps more intensely and more insidious than in others – in its most loyal, luring and upscale form.” Nicolae Steinhardt

Maramureș holds an ancient civilisation whose roots and avails have been preserved with an amazing intensity to these days and whose priceless spiritual treasure continues to embellish and enlighten the Romanian ethnos. Being the true source of Romanian civilization, Țara Maramureșului has developed, over the centuries, a popular culture having an unspoken beauty and richness. The art of the wood has tradition; it is omnipresent, recognizing the ardent nostalgia of peasants, shepherds and mountain people who live in this area for the beauty of this land.

Maramureș is, almost by definition, a genuine sanctuary of Romanian spirituality. In the historical Maramureș region, in genuine Romanian places, the fables, fairy tales, and the stories told by the fireplace become reality. Here, the clothing, customs and holiday rituals are really important. The peasants of Maramureș have a noble tradition that is hard to find in other places. For them, each ritual, each happening has its own meaning. “Nothing is accidental in the world” is the life philosophy of Maramureș people.

* “Culture & turism.ro” Magazine – Călin Colăcel, Gabriela Simon

Whit Sunday 

On this day, the Holly Spirit descended upon the Holly Apostles.
In Săpânța, on this day, the community led by Orthodox Church priests go on procession to one of the two “border crosses” where the ground is consecrated.

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 Săpânţa brochure 

Presentation of the Săpânța guest houses and the handmade products by Săpânța women.

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